I believe that everyone is a creative soul with a unique, beautiful voice to share with the world. Whether you're an artist or not, it's so important to cultivate and express your creativity that's within all of us. As we nurture ourselves we heal the world.  


Share the Love: Creating Art to Awaken the Heart

Join us for a heart-opening, interactive art experience

Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite: bit.ly/sharetheloveworkshop


Shadow Box Shrine Art & Soul Workshop

This beautiful workshop was a collaboration between Lisa Curran, a lifelong artist, creative soul, and workshop facilitator and Rochelle Fox, intuitive artist, creative muse, and soulful guide.

The inspiration for this workshop was all about gathering as women to honor our unique journeys, listen to our hearts, and set our intentions for the new year.

Rochelle led the group in a deep, guided meditation to release the old and welcome in the new, connecting with Mother Earth energy. Then each person was invited to pull an oracle card to receive a personal message. From this sacred space we moved into the wildly creative, engaging lesson with Lisa.

Lisa graciously guided the group in an intuitive, altered art experience to create a personalized box to express our heartfelt intentions. Using recycled cigar boxes and various decorative papers and objects, the women created Shadow Box Shrines, sacred objects that are infused with their loving intentions. It is something that they can look at throughout the year to remind them of their why, their purpose, and their beautiful journeys.

The work of the artist is to heal the soul.
— Kathleen Raine

Moondalas & Magic

On this powerful new moon, we gathered to set our intentions for the New Year, grounding with a relaxing meditation, playing with markers & glitter, and enjoying a delightful afternoon tea service at the beautiful King's Carriage House in NYC.

There is something magical that happens when we make time in our busy schedules to be together to meditate into a space of heart-centered, healing energy and to create some beautiful art. I truly believe that these gatherings are so important as women, reconnecting us with our intuition, checking in with ourselves to feel into where we are, and to process through the emotions that we are experiencing in our everyday lives.